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Dr. Meneka Galadeni

Dr. Deepa Galadeni

"AYUBOWAN" - Wishing you a long life

We the Founders of La Sky Gate Foreign earned trust for providing World class job oriented Recruitment Agency are privileged ourselves on training perfection through and through attracts being able to penning down our story that may timeless professionals too, that made ourselves approach you. more confident securing the No. 1 place in the industry which possesses the largest pool of We the founders are both professionally qualified employabal experts ready at market command. we licensed medical doctors in Sri Lanka, founded our strongly believe the productive human, occupying flagship business Siyasi Hospitals (PVT) Ltd a the meaningful employment has the power to self-stylish limited liability company, as the largest change the world.

state of the art private hospital in the region since year 2003. The panorama of expatriate loving graduate workforce from own Training institue, invited Ever since the Genesis of our Business, Recruiting ourselves in venturing the La Sky Gate Foreign employees and the Talent selections except the Recruitment Agency — a truly sri lankan recruiting professionals became always a challenge. As we company born to export only the skilled manpower being medical doctors turned entrepreneurs, for the worldwide employments.

observed that the country is starving of skilled labor in the midst of freely available employable Which is how we reach our turning point and walk community. Lacking of freely available skilled labor ahead to establish La Sky Gate Foreign in the market became the foundation of our new Recruitment Agency that invites worldwide mission to explore our Vocational Training Institue employers to glide through our workforce who named, Siyasi Academy (PVT) Ltd. which now always ready to flourish the job rather than mere becomes the Sri Lanka's most recognized brand functioning.

among the ambitious employable youth.

We wish our innovative recruiting agency to be the Sky Gate for employable sri lanka and to be the best conglomerate in supplying of employees, decently wrapped with professional skills that effortlessly conquering the overseas job market with a guaranteed return.

The learner friendly curriculum of our vocational By wishing you a prosperous and a healthy stay in training that conveys not only the Job centric skilled the future to come, we look forward to have your dynamism but also gears the upheld language esteemed job orders towards our new age proficiency of each candidate to become an company which definitely feels you differently.

unmistakably self-assured stature in the labor market.            


We thank you for being with us.

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